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Crafted from Earth's Treasures

All our ingredients are 100% organic and come straight from the earth. there no secret or hidden ingredients, just completely pure elements combined to create a natural product your body with love.


The Dilemma

The begging to this project was to first figure out who Aurea Terrae was but most importantly who they are now. Once I could figure that out, it would give me some direction on figuring out what the mission is. What sets them apart and who are their customers. I found all this to be a good starting point but what I really need to figure out was, how do I want the brand to be seen?


Aurae Terrae

The name and identity were created to embody the vision, that the products it sells represent the treasures from the earth if you will. Gold is one of the most valuable treasures that come directly from earth it only seemed appropriate.

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