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Aurea Terrae Design Process

In the beginning, I decided to base the business model on my sister’s old cosmetic company “God-given-gifts” which was all natural, handmade, healthy, side business. Originally my purpose was to redesign the logo and to strengthen the core values, not change them necessarily just enhance them. Halfway through the project, I decided to scrap everything except the core values and attributes. A new business was born, Aurea Terrae which actually means “Golden Earth.”

Building a Basis

Why I chose “Aurea Terrae?” first of all was because I found the name very interesting and attractive, I felt that people would what want to know more about a company with a name in Latin and the meaning golden earth. The second reason is I wanted a name that could embody the idea, that the products it sells represent the gold of the earth if you will.


Calculating the Dilemma

At this point, I really needed to figure out who Aurea Terrae was in relation to “God-given-gifts” but most importantly who they are now. Once I could figure that out it would give me some direction on figuring out what the mission is, what sets us apart and who are our customers. I found all this to be a good starting point but what I really need to figure out was, how do I want the brand to be seen?

The Avenue of Development

The way I started to figure all this out was to brainstorm adjective, what word or words would I want people to use to describe this business and its products. I came up with twenty words, such as genuine, nurturing, and healthy. These are the kind of words I want to see associated with the product of Aurea Terrae, and trustworthy, honest, and defiantly reliable are how I want people to remember that brand.

Now that I have all the foundation worked out I can voice a few statements that help explain who Aurea Terrae really is.